Renshade Gallery

Glare and heat load onto caravans can be really problematic during summer.  This is especially so if you are free camping and have no access to electricity to run your air conditioning. 

On the left is the view from the caravan kitchen window before Renshade.  You can see it is totally clear and the view is perfect. However, it was also incredibly hot and quite glary for the caravaneers.

Installing Renshade (right) was super quick, very easy and cheap.  It has solved the heat and glare issue and will be super easy to take down in Autumn and Winter when the winter sun would be beneficial. 

Whilst you can see that the view is slightly impeded, Renshade has filtered the glare and significantly reduced the heat load.

Another caravan window in need of some shading.

As your caravan can be parked so that some windows receive the sun, or not as you choose, it it important to know that you can take Renshade down at any time that it does not suit you.

In this instance, the caravan needed some shading from the sun, so the caravaneers popped Renshade up to screen the sun and heat from the van until the sun moved away.

Of course, you can leave Renshade up all the time if you choose.   This image was taken to show was Renshade looks like without focusing on the view outside.

These windows are from a customer in Germany who was having a particular heat and glare issue in the mornings.  

A friend was visiting and took Renshade over for her to try on her windows.  Problem solved! 

These unusual windows are very high, in a clerestory situation in an office.   

The summer sun has become problematic, not because of the heat, but the glare that was streaming into the building and creating havoc for the person whose desk, and computer, was in the direct sunlight. 

The desk occupant moved around to get away from the sun beams, but ultimately needed to get back to the original desk.  Renshade is perfect for unusual shaped windows. 

Easy install & feeling cooler 😎 already!

Love how you can still see out so easily & that they are easily removable for winter sun 🌞

Thanks so much!

This second window in the same RV has also had the benefit of Renshade.   Working on a computer alongside windows that have been screened with Renshade has eliminated the sun squint!  

 Living the best life… remote working without the squint!

We installed these renshade screens under our Perspex pergola over Christmas. It’s currently 38 degrees and we are sitting outside having ice creams! Thanks ecoMaster for the inspiration 😎

Whilst Skylights can be a brilliant feature to a dark area of a home, sometimes it can be a little too brilliant and allow glare and heat into your home in an uncontrolled manner. Installing Renshade into your skylight will make a major difference to the sun heating up your home and significantly reduce glare as well.   Of course, Renshade can be removed in winter to allow the warmth of the winter sun.